Secrets of a Secret Shopper

Secrets of a Secret Shopper is a book on hospitality, first impressions, and guest services for the local church written by Greg Atkinson for pastors and church leaders.

*Available in Kindle and Paperback.

Topics Covered In The Book

Here Are A Few Chapter Overviews from the Book

Online Presence

Greg Atkinson goes into great detail of what he looks for when he evaluates a church's online presence (including their social media use and the church website).


After a church's online presence, their first impression of their church starts in the parking lot.

First Impressions

You've got 10 minutes. Before a guest takes his or her seat in the auditorium, they have already made up their mind whether or not they will return.


Do you remember the first time you walked into your local church? Did you get lost. Did you rely on signage to point you in the right direction?

Children's Ministry

Somewhere in the first 10 minutes, a new young family will drop off their kids in your children's ministry. What they see and experience will determine if they return.


If your families, kids, staff, pastor and guests aren't safe, then no one will want to return to your church. We are all just one tragic incident away from something unthinkable.

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Here's Why Greg Atkinson Wrote the Book

Endorsements from Readers Who Have Worked with Greg Atkinson

Greg’s ministry provided a really valuable perspective on our weekend experiences as a church. His heart for the Kingdom and passion to see every church reach its maximum potential is a gift to those of us who care deeply about seeing our churches thrive.


John Ortberg

Senior Pastor, Menlo Church, Menlo Park, CA

If you’re going to care well for new guests at your church, then you must care about the things your guests care about when they arrive. Consider this book a gift. It’s the report of a secret shopper that serves as your "heads up" before the secret shopper arrives. This resource from Greg is full of practical, tangible and detailed applications that will equip you and your teams to communicate God’s love to the people arriving at your church. Read it. Study it. Share it. And apply it. Your guests will thank you.


Mark Waltz

Executive Pastor, Granger Community Church, Author of First Impressions

The way you feel about a guest coming in your church will be directly reflected in how they feel about you when they walk out of your church. You no longer have to just imagine what a great experience could feel like for a guest. Help is here in Secrets of a Secret Shopper. Why not intentionally create a remarkable guest experience that results in them coming back and bringing someone with them? Greg shares his secrets to help churches create moments of surprise and delight.


Jason Young

Director of Guest Services, North Point Ministries

Wow! Greg! You just greatly helped our church -- again. A few years ago, when we were in a fast growing church plant, we consulted with Greg as a secret shopper. His insight changed our church. He forced us to think about things we hadn't considered. It was hugely helpful. Today, as I pastor an established church, we've still incorporated some of those same ideas. Now we have a handbook for further discovery and improvement. What a valuable resource for the church and Kingdom! Thanks Greg.


Ron Edmondson

Pastor and Leadership Consultant

Your church has secret shoppers every Sunday. The problem is you don’t know who they are because they visit and never return. Greg Atkinson is giving your ministry GOLD with his new book Secrets of a Secret Shopper. If you want to know what people really think and experience when they visit your church you – and your entire team - need to read this book.


Jenni Catron

Leadership Consultant and Author

Greg Atkinson has given us a fast read that is a must read. Church leaders work so hard to get people to come to church, and then wonder why they don’t return. Greg’s practical insights are based on proven experience that help you see what you might miss on your own. The Secret Shopper process will help you improve your over all church experience from the parking lot to the altar!


Dan Reiland

Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA

“Successful corporations have for years put a premium of understanding what a guest experiences. The dirty secret with most churches is we are clueless. We evaluate the sermon, but reaching people far from Jesus takes more than a catchy 30-minute message. If you want to know how to evaluate what someone experiences the time they look up your church in our digital age to the time they leave your parking lot, start reading now! ”


Ashley Wooldridge

Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley

Greg Atkinson has been called to help build the Church and truly desires to see every local church maximize its ministry. Greg will help you make sure you are doing everything possible to reach as many as possible for Jesus Christ.


Ben Lovvorn

Executive Pastor of Operations, First Baptist Dallas

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